Jul 18

Codea – Coding for the IPad

Interesting way to learn how to make applications for the iPad (all generations) with an app called Codea. It is based on the Lua coding language. You can view a quick presentation of the software at the Codea web site:


If you want to learn using some tutorials, you can check them out at the following Web site:



Jul 03

Getting Started in Programming

logoI always find that sometimes really cool Web sites come along that help people learn, practice, and perfect their programming skills – Code.org is just the site.

Jul 03

6/29-6/30 Word Press Camp


I had the opportunity to attend the 2013 Montreal Word Camp on June 29 and 30. This was an excellent way to meet some very interesting and innovative individuals who are using Word Press in so many different ways. Topics covered ranged from using Word Press for blogging in various social media and marketing areas to technical specifications on how to code and maintain a WordPress Web site. For more information on Word Press or Word Press camps, follow thelinks below:

Global Word Camps with locations and dates: http://central.wordcamp.org

Official Word Press Web site: http://wordpress.org


Jun 05

ALICE Tips and Tricks

Check out this link for some help with ALICE assignments:

Alice Tips and Tricksalice_logo

Jun 05

History of Programming Languages